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Coming to another country or city on vacation always want it to be as pleasant as possible, was memorable and interesting. To make it this way will help a private guide, whose services can be ordered in the city of Sokhumi through this site! Welcome! Private tour guide. For you there are different types of excursions: sightseeing, interesting places and other Guide will help you to make a route according to your preferences, taking into account the individual schedule. The optimal cost of specialist services is complemented by regular promotions, allowing you to buy a tour of the city of Sokhumi with maximum benefit. The cost of the tour. In addition, on the resource you can find special conditions for the implementation of which you will receive a guaranteed personal discount.

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Private guide

Visiting an unfamiliar city or country is always associated with the expectation of new sensations and emotions. And, of course, I want them to be positive and pleasant. For those who do not want to hope for a happy occasion and plans their holidays in Sokhumi in advance, private guides offer their services. These are high-class specialists who are able to show the most interesting, iconic and memorable places in the city. Private guides. What do you need to do a person planning their vacation on their own? If you do not want to spend all your vacation time in a hotel room or mindlessly pass through the streets, missing important and interesting places, you must carefully prepare. Even before the trip, you should get acquainted with the history of the city in which you plan to go, make a list of desirable places to visit, explore the routes leading to them, and choose the most suitable for you. All this takes time and desire. Tours to order will help to cope with such problems in no time. Private tour guide will offer you several options of routes, if necessary, adjust them to your interests. And he can do it both before the tour and during it. You can order a personal program or organize a vacation for the whole team. All specialists in this field have sufficient qualifications to conduct tours for one, two people or a group of tourists. Private guides. With them, you can not worry about getting lost, stray from the route or go to an unsafe place. Guide to the city Sokhumi has not only excellent information awareness, but also knows exactly how to behave in emergency situations, and most importantly - how to organize the rest of the tour participants. You will not need to take care of transport to get from one memorable place to another. A private guide will do everything to make the tour as comfortable, safe and exciting for you.

Advantages of booking excursions with a private guide through the site

On the resource registered private guides from the city of Sokhumi. These are the checked, educated experts with high qualification. Each tour guide has a portfolio that allows you to clearly form an idea of his professionalism. Private guides. On the site you can quickly find out about the number of excursions of the candidate you are considering, read the reviews of tourists participating in them, which will allow you to decide exactly how much a specialist is right for you. You can choose a tour for every taste. Organize a romantic trip for two, family vacation with children, entertainment for friends - for a private guide is not a problem. He will plan a tour of your interests and budget. On the site you have the opportunity to contact in advance with the specialist you are interested in Sokhumi to discuss all your questions. The job guide. Also, a convenient service "Meeting guide"is available for you. It will allow without unnecessary time and effort to get to the hotel from the airport or train station. The guide will take care of providing you with transport and will take you exactly to your place and your Luggage. Detailed description

  1. Choose a guide in the city you are interested in
  2. Leave a request online to order specialist services
  3. Answer the incoming call and discuss the details of the upcoming tour
  4. Make the payment in a convenient way and use the services of a private guide

Here, for example

How to order the services of a private guide?

On the resource you can find a guide in the city of Sokhumi. Just specify the place where you want to go and the site will automatically select the appropriate specialists. Greeters guide. You will have to choose the most worthy candidate in your opinion and leave an online application to order his services. At the same time, try to display the contact information as accurately as possible so that the guide you have chosen can contact you. Choose the most interesting tour for you or specify the places you would like to visit. The site will calculate the cost of your tour taking into account the possible discount and show it to you. After registration of the application in the shortest possible time you will be contacted by your chosen specialist to discuss all the details of the upcoming tour. Guide to the Russian language. Take advantage of a convenient way for you to make payment for the services of a private tour guide in Sokhumi and, at the appointed time, enjoy a well-organized, exciting tour in the company of a true professional. Enjoy your stay and more bright, memorable moments!


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