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Want to schedule a car wash in the city of Budapest, Hello! Business car wash. Around the clock car washing: cargo and passenger. Entry to the car wash, you can arrange online. Enter your details in the application form and telephone. Specify the make of the car and the amount of work and time that you want to get the service. To buy a car wash. Enrolled in Budapest, call in at the appointed time. Here's the description


Car wash prices, services

The car owner in the city of Budapest is always important that the car was on the move and looked clean, so as not to attract the attention of an inspector. Washing your car or washing the body, the main service we offer a car wash service. Truck wash. Automatic high pressure (AWD) blast the car with water, then abundantly treated dirt on car chemistry and well washed with water. Washing machine mats are often a bonus for the client. The car is usually serviced by two washer for fifteen minutes. Wash bulky van or Ford SUV will take ten minutes more. Car wash jobs. Your machine needs cleaning engine. The procedure of bathing the engine in Budapest is very simple. From a machine high pressure water to knock the dirt from the unit. Further, the engine is treated with chemicals and after two or three minutes any remaining dirt is washed off by water from an AED. Procedure takes just 10 minutes of your time. Interior cleaning — here services: to wipe clean glass and plastic surfaces and mandatory seat cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Projects car wash. By the way wash salon, don't forget about cleaning the trunk, in the price list, this service can go on a separate line. The time spent for this procedure may vary, depending on the condition of the interior of the car. Interior cleaning — this procedure is laborious and time-consuming, it will take from two to six hours.

Wet vacuum all the dirt will withdraw using the same chemistry. In slush, mud and slush pan car motorists do not really like. But it is possible to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle to select the service rinsing. Within five minutes all the dirt gets off with water from a high pressure machine. Body polishing in the city of Budapest is the gloss for your car. Manual polishing with a sponge and bottles of Polish, and in thirty minutes the car is pleasing to the eye. Avito to buy a car wash. Looking for a way to Polish your car, please — polishing machine, price for this procedure will be much more expensive. Cleaning wheels. The deposits on the disks treated with chemical composition. Then three minutes expectations while the chemical composition of process contamination, wash difficult to wipe with plain water. If the deposits on the disks is not removed with the first treatment, the procedure is done again. While you are waiting, when will order the car for your convenience, rest room, satellite TV, Internet and WiFi. Car wash under the key. Want coffee, please. Coffee machine will give you a drink. If you just want to go sit in the waiting room. Car wash in Budapest, the prices of services vary from your chosen additional options, payment cards VISA and Mastercard. great car wash by appointment. Where can you buy a car wash. My link

  1. To select the service carwash
  2. To fill out an application at the car wash
  3. To confirm the application by the calling number
  4. To drive at the designated time to wash car
  5. To provide a car for a wash at the salon wash
  6. Ride in a perfectly clean car, nice, pleasing to the eye

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How to sign up for washing the car?

Entry to the car wash in the city of Budapest can be carried out simply. Fill out an application for the selected service, putting the personal data and number to contact. You call the Manager of the salon car wash. Car wash closed loop price. Confirm the ordered service and agree a time. Give the car washed at the designated time. Perfectly clean car in Budapest, after bathing, and after polishing it shines like new! Another

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