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It is proposed to implement a salt stone in the city of Siauliai. Salt water. Created by nature millions of years ago from the salt deposits of an ancient sea. Salt is an indispensable component of human diet in Siauliai. Food salt extra. Here on the website in the online mode you will be able to make a bulk order of products.



For the food industry and the food needs of the population in the city of Siauliai salt stone. Consumer packaging in cardboard boxes on 1 kg. The healing properties of salt. Packing: 20 kg in 2 layers of paper or 15 kg in plastic shrink-wrap. Salt in plastic bags. Consumer packaging in bags of polyethylene film on 1 kg. packing in polypropylene bags of 10, 25, 50 kg. Salt in a two-layer paper bags. Consumer packaging in double layer paper bags at 1.5 kg. packing in plastic shrink-wrap for 15 kg. Pink salt wholesale. Consumer packaging in carton packs of 0,5 kg. packing in shrink film, 10 kg. Salt in folded packages of polypropylene film.

Consumer packaging in folded packages of polypropylene film 1 kg. Salt price Group packing in trays made of corrugated cardboard weighing 12 kg with additional shrink wrapping. Consumer packaging in polypropylene bags of 1 kg. beauty Salon Siauliai. Group packing in boxes made of corrugated cardboard of 20 kg. Salt in plastic jars with dispenser. Coarse sea salt to buy. Consumer packaging in jars made of polymeric materials with dispenser for 0.45 kg and 0.18 kg. packing in trays made of corrugated cardboard assembled on 21. and 56 units, respectively and with additional shrink wrapping. Pink salt wholesale. Ground in Siauliai size 1, 2, 3 (protivozmeinaya additive or no additive). Seeds of size 1, 2, 3 (protivozmeinaya additive or no additive). In Mr a mass of 1000 kg. In bags of polypropylene with a weight of 10, 25, 50 kg. table "Physico-chemical indicators of food common salt". Link to

Name of index Actual content The norm in terms of dry matter for variety
Higher First
Mass fraction of sodium chloride, % 98,22 98,20 97,50
Mass fraction of calcium ion, % 0,31 0,35 0,55
Mass fraction of magnesium-ion, % 0,03 0,08 0,10
Mass fraction of sulfate ion, % 0,80 0,85 1,20
Mass fraction of potassium ion, % 0,012 0,10 0,20
Mass fraction of iron oxide, % 0,0020 0,04 0,04
Mass fraction of insoluble residue, % 0,29 0,25 0,45
Mass fraction of moisture in Siauliai 0,1 0,25 0,25

Fodder salt

Fodder salt for agriculture used in animal husbandry for feeding animals and poultry, as a prescription component in the production in Siauliai full and concentrated mixed feed and protein-vitamin additives. Salt food to buy. Salt: feed (no additives). The briquettes with a mass of (5±0,4) kg Grain (size 4 and size 5). Ground (particle size № 0, 1, 2, 3). Salt feed with mineral additives. The briquettes with a mass of (5±0,4) kg. Grinded (size № 0, 1, 2, 3). Salt lumpy. The briquettes with a mass of (5±0,4) kg (without additives or with the addition of Iodate). Salt blocks weight (32±5) kg overall dimension (200х200х400) mm.

Bath salts

Rock salt is a natural crystalline mineral. Natural energy bath salts creates a beneficial effect on the entire human body. Sea salt wholesale. Packing in polypropylene bags of 1 kg. bulk packing in corrugated boxes of 20 kg. of Technical salt. Bath salt in plastic buckets in the range. The range includes bath salts. Packing in buckets of polymer materials weighing 800 g and 1000 g. packing in the city of Siauliai, 12 PCs. in cardboard boxes and shrink film.

Your benefit

The truck with a big trailer in Siauliai, large wholesale salt. Buying salt in large quantities, you get a discount. Salt wholesale. The low price of salt, the availability of a wide range of consumers, greater product turnover, your profits. Do business in the city of Siauliai on the sale of salt!

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How to buy salt in bulk?

In order to buy salt in bulk you need to apply online through the website. Fill in your details, enter a contact phone number and send the request. Where to buy salt. Specialist in wholesale sales of salt in Siauliai will call you for order confirmation. Have a nice shopping! Like that


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