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Want to buy potatoes in Chalatenango? Fresh cabbage buy wholesale. Hello! Here you can buy potatoes in bulk, nets in bags, delicious, smooth and fresh. Interesting a certain kind or sort? A qualified specialist will give detailed information. Want with discount buy with friends or relatives. Where to buy onion sets wholesale. By the way, when making a request in Chalatenango is now an additional discount. Know? In the world there are 400 types of potatoes. We will understand!

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Characteristics of potatoes

The amount of starch in the potato divides it into species. Crisp potato contains more than 23 % of starchy substances. Onions wholesale price today. Great for mash and soup, and potato test. The tubers contain starch below 12% are waxy. The potatoes in the city of Chalatenango convenient to use in soups and salads and main dishes. Potatoes are divided into 7 categories: basic and special. Main categories of potatoes. Red-brown Russets potatoes in an oval shape. It is slightly flattened. The size is from medium to large, with cut pale yellow color. The taste is a bit sweet, soft. Potatoes wholesale from the manufacturer. The texture is dry and crumbly. Potatoes Red red round or slightly oblong in shape. It from medium size to small, the color on the cut white. Taste too sweet. The texture is juicy, like wax. There is

Whites potatoes are white, round, sometimes slightly oval. Cut its white color, size from small to medium. The texture is moderately rich and dense. The taste is slightly sweet. Yellow Yellows potatoes and oblong and round shape. Large size. Food database. Cut it from gold to yellow. The structure is juicy, slightly waxy. A delicious sweet, there is a sense of lubricity. A special category of potatoes. Fingerling potatoes Fingerlings oblong reminiscent of the shape of the fingers. The structure of dry and waxy. Slice often repeats the color of skin: white and purple and red and orange. Taste nut-buttery. Potatoes Petites small, we can say tiny. To purchase a cabbage. Characterized by concentrated flavors. Tubers idealny for cooking in Chalatenango delicious dishes. Blue Blue potato. Size from small to medium, shape oblong. To cut blue, purple. The texture is dense and juicy tubers. A nutty taste, is virtually sugar-free.

Storage of potatoes

Take the potato for the future? You must take care of storing it in the city of Chalatenango. The optimum temperature of 2-4°C. the Production of food. At low temperature the potatoes to become sweet. From minus 2 to 0°C flabby. Potatoes should be stored with beets. When storing the potatoes release moisture and beet it absorbs. Sell onions in bulk. Potatoes can be purchased at the nets 30, 40 and 50 pounds. Wholesale purchase will be cheaper. Consider a convenient option. Possible joint purchase. Potatoes of excellent quality: tasty, smooth, fresh. The volumes are different. For large wholesalers in Chalatenango any accompanying documentation is ready in full. The mechanism of the online application is very simple.

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How to buy a big potato?

Want to buy potatoes in Chalatenango? You need to apply. Enter your accurate contact information. Specialist potato will call you back, will help if necessary to determine the grade. Be sure to specify the quantity. The website will automatically charge you the cost of the order. Buy vegetables at wholesale prices. I will consider your individual discount. Deliver potatoes freight courier in Chalatenango, so be sure to enter an address. Great potatoes! Awesome drannikov!


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